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REIM Training Solutions

We provide high quality training to the business, education and public sector in Ireland.

Expert Team

Our training programmes are delivered by professional trainers who have a wealth of experience in the real world application of their subjects.

Established Company

Since 2008, we have continued to innovate and expand our programme of training, ensuring our courses are up-to-date and meet the needs of our clients. 

Why Choose Us

We understand that whatever your goals, we have a learning pathway suitable for you!

Certified Courses

We provide courses certified by Microsoft, City & Guilds, Certiport and People Plus.

Learning Pathway

You can jump straight in, by joining one of our highly effective and sought-after public courses or we can build a course with you; suitable to you and/or your team’s needs.

Online & In Person Delivery

We offer both online and in person course delivery to suit your requirements.

Dedicated Team

We are always happy to advise you on finding the right training programme or workshop for you or your organisation.

Meet The Team

Eimear Murphy
Eimear Murphy

Managing Director
With over 20 years’ experience of training and learner management in the private and public sector, Eimear founded REIM Training Solutions in 2012. Eimear is driven by the difference that the right training and development solution can make to the organisation’s bottom line; and the power of certification to enable individual professional success. In addition to designing and delivering training for business, Eimear has worked extensively in the Education sector with schools, colleges and ETBs, designing, delivering and managing training for primary, secondary and the Further Education and Training sector.
Eimear is excited by the range of IT and Business certifications, including, Python, CompTia and Lean Six Sigma, that REIM can offer to ambitious learners throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Sandra Richardson

Director of Training
Sandra is a strong advocate of the concept of life-long learning and skills development for all and is passionate about helping people to reach their optimum potential with quality and informative training.
Sandra has extensive experience in training and education, instructional design, customer service, leadership and innovation, enabling her to meet timelines and budgets while delivering effective training solutions that address specific business and individual goals, close performance gaps, and can help build a pipeline of workers suitably trained for the future labour market.
Sandra says, “In the world of Learning and Development, innovation and technology are moving fast. It's an incredibly exciting time to be in the education industry. It’s critical to think about where we’re headed and how we’ll get there, through designing and developing more innovative new programmes to meet the demands of industry”

Amy Clinton

Head of Marketing & Communication
As Head of Marketing, Amy is passionate about all things Digital, and the opportunities presented in the online space for Irish brands. Amy works to ensure that all REIMs online channels provide the best possible information for our new and existing clients. She is motivated everyday by the power of certification to propel each learner’s career forward. In this regard Amy strives to ensure that REIM can offer its clients the most in-demand Business and IT career certifications. Amy is also a Google skills trainer, delivering digital marketing workshops to SMEs throughout Ireland. Amy is a champion of Women’s Entrepreneurship and the strive for gender parity in the corporate environment.

Edele McGeown

Schools Education Lead and Head Trainer
With over 10 years’ experience facilitating Internet Safety workshops Edele has educated 1000s of pupils, parents, and professionals in relation to Online Safety and Digital Citizenship so that families, teachers and students can optimise their online experience. Edele believes that ‘knowledge is power’ in ensuring a positive online experience and she prides herself on ensuring all workshop content is both current and relevant. Edele is passionate about the benefits that technology can bring to the classroom and is leading the launch of VR Education workshops, which bring learning to life for both primary and post-primary students.

Mary Shevlin

Schools Liaison Officer
Mary Shevlin has over 10 years’ experience working within the Education and Assessment sector in Ireland and abroad. As Schools Liaison Officer for REIM training solutions, Mary works closely with our client schools to gain a keen understanding of their specific requirements, in terms of online safety workshops, championing a passionate customer experience for all. Mary is also our schools accounts administer.

Terence McCreesh

A qualified ICT Teacher and Trainer, Terence brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our Microsoft Application and IT Fundamentals training courses.
Terence says “Each learner is different so it is essential to incorporate various learning methods and styles to accommodate them, that way you are equipping them for success!”

Karen McCarthy
Karen McCarthy

An advocate of lifelong learning Karen is a highly experienced Microsoft Office Specialist Trainer. With over 10 years experience in training. Karen strives to make her courses as inclusive, immersive and interesting as possible.
Karen says “I aim to give learners the knowledge they need in a format that is simple to understand and in a way that helps productivity”

John Carlin

With a unique blend of software, business sales and learning development skills, John has a significant track record of helping people and organisations to achieve outcomes that matter most to them.
John says ”I have a passion for facilitating learning solutions that transform performance in private and further education”.

Ger O'Donovan
Ger O'Donovan

A qualified Technical Microsoft and CompTIA trainer, Ger has over 20 years’ experience working in the public and private sectors providing high quality industry certified and bespoke training courses.
Ger says “Each day is different, each client is different, it is about identifying company or personal goals to achieve success!”

Aidan O'Donaghue
Aidan O’Donoghue

Aidan ensures clients on our Microsoft Application courses remain engaged and focused through his unique delivery style honed through 15 years’ experience working as a teacher and lecturer.
Aidan say: “It is all about deliverables, each client needs to see the benefits and return on the time, money and effort they spend on training!”

Faizan Ahmad
Faizan Ahmad

An experienced Software Development Lecturer, Faz is highly experienced in the design and delivery of many of our courses including, CompTIA, Python, Software Design and Testing; and Web Development.
Faz says “I like to empower attendees on my courses and give them a voice. We can all learn from each other”!

Eleanor McKenna
Eleanor McKenna

An experienced schools training facilitator, Eleanor has the unique ability to connect with children, teachers, parents and health and social care professionals across a wide variety of our training programmes.
Eleanor says “I have a passion for imparting knowledge and I love to see people learning new things, I think that shines through when I am training.”

Jennifer Stack
Jennifer Stack

Jennifer is a highly experienced ICT tutor with a wealth of experience in preparing candidates for Python exams and certification at PCEP, PCAP and PCPP1 levels. Jennifer’s big passion is Data Engineering and AI. In that regard, she delivers courses in Data Engineering, GIS, Data Science and Data Analytics using Python, SQL, Apache Kafka, Power BI, Azure, PySpark, Apache Spark and BigQuery to corporate clients throughout Ireland.
Jennifer says, “I am passionate about the power of Python programming and data analytics, I teach ICT professionals Python coding and guide them to sit the PCEP and PCAP via the Python Institute.”

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