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Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence

Lean Six Sigma Courses

REIM Training Solutions, Lean Six Sigma courses standardise knowledge across your organisation, creating a solid foundation for a widespread culture of Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence.

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At REIM, our Lean Six Sigma courses are designed to reduce product, service and process variation within your organisation and achieve verifiable business cost savings across all sectors.   Our Lean Six Sigma training programmes apply a unique combination of practical interactive training and mentoring, that aims to deliver sustainable and practical solutions to current business problems.

The Lean Six Sigma certification helps in validating professionals who are skilled in identifying risks, errors, or defects in a business process and removing them.  Lean thinking can help your organisation to address competitiveness issues within your business by building the capability of your people to identify problems, improve operations and create a more innovative organisation.

What Our Clients Say

I want to thank you for the excellent Green Belt training you provided to our group. Your extensive knowledge and experience in Six Sigma made it easy to learn, and the course format allowed for direct application to projects within our organisation. The course was very well structured and I would highly recommend REIM Training Solutions to anyone interested in improving processes.
Mike Byrne
Lean Six Sigma training will change how we do business. Our customers will begin to see us as the leaders in our industry. REIM’S expert tutor is a very charismatic instructor and provides enough real life examples so that you can easily understand the tools. I would highly recommend REIM Training Solutions to anyone looking for Lean Six Sigma training.
Joseph Taylor
REIM Training Solutions delivered a well put together training programme on Lean Six Sigma, which covered several topics that built upon each other in a logical order. We had a class of 12 people with experience ranging from first timers to experts and everyone was able to learn a lot and was excited to use the new tools. REIMS expert tutor explains these difficult subjects well and keeps the class involved with interactive exercises. I highly recommend REIM Training Solutions.
Sophia Lavigne
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