Coding & Robot Programming

So much of what we do focuses on the negative aspect of Internet use and how it affects our children, but it can be a fun, exciting and educational place where our children can learn and flourish.  There is no better place to start than through some of the fantastic coding apps and software that is available to us all.

Coding is already part of everything we do from computer games to car technology - it is all around us! By teaching coding to your students you are giving them a skill for life and a great head start to understanding the world around them! 

Below are just some of the programming applications we can teach you or your students


Ideal for introducing coding at its most basic level
Suitable for ages 5-7


Block based visual programming used as an introduction to coding
Suitable for ages 8-16


 Easy-to-use visual tool makes programming fun

Suitable for ages 8-16 


Swift Playgrounds introduces beginner coders to the Apple coding language
Suitable for ages 12+


Learn to create games, art and apps

Suitable for ages 4+

Use the Edu app and Sphero robots to let your students see coding come to life!

Use the Sphero edu app and robots
to let your children see coding come to life!

Coding & robot programming in action!


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