Commencing your Career in ICT with CompTIA ITF+ Certification

As digital continues to transform industries, companies need to upskill existing talent and find new talent with the skills required to succeed in the digital age. The Irish Government’s 2022 Technology Skills Action Plan, reports that ‘demand for computing and engineering graduates will increase rapidly in the coming years, driven by the continuing growth of the technology sector, the impact of emerging technologies on all sectors of the economy and the spread of digitalisation’.

How do I know if a career in ICT is right for me?

Whether you’re a graduate or a professional considering a move into a career in ICT, you’re probably wondering where to start or trying to figure out the best certification pathway for you. 

CompTIA certifications are globally recognized in the fields of networking, cyber security, and IT management. They are specialized certificates designed to expand your expertise in your chosen profession.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) is the industry standard for an introduction to basic IT knowledge and skills.  It is the only single certification that covers all areas of IT foundations making it the ideal course of study to help learners or career changers find out if they have the competency for information technology and if it is the right career path for them. Its also a valuable certification for executives working in fields such as Digital Marketing that require a broader understanding of IT.

What skills will I learn from completing the CompTIA ITF+ Certification?

After completing the course,  learners will have the ability to:

  • Understand and explain the basic elements of computing
  • Understand and explain the basic elements of IT infrastructure
  • Understand and explain database usage
  • Install software
  • Establish basic network connectivity
  • Identify/prevent basic security breaches
  • Explain troubleshooting theory and preventative maintenance of devices

Course modules include Using Computers, Using Apps and Databases, Computer Hardware, Networks and Security Concepts.

 Where can this certification take me professionally?

Although CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) does not directly align with jobs that require a specific certification, this course of study can serve as a springboard for various IT career fields such as Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, AI or Networking.


Need more information?

If you would like some career guidance or feel ready to book your place on the CompTIA ITF+ course, contact REIM Training Solutions today. 

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