Cyber Barbie

What has Barbie got to do with Cybersecurity?

Barbie has for many years, been hailed as a symbol of empowerment, challenging societal norms, and encouraging girls to dream big and be anything they wanted to be. When it comes to Barbie’s presence, she’s played many roles in the workplace from doctor, lawyer, surgeon, and even a president but to date, there’s never been a hacker or a Cyber Barbie!


Women In Cyber Is Declining

The Cybersecurity field is traditionally male dominated, with only 25% of roles filled by women, and the bleak reality, (ISC2’s Workforce Studies), since 2020, the percentage growth of women in cybersecurity hasn’t grown. It’s declined!


Economies And Industries With Significant Women Representation Perform Better

Many economic thinkers have found that economies and industries when women are equally represented perform better. Therefore, this isn’t just a moral issue it’s an economic issue. Women can bring unique perspective, experiences, and problem-solving approaches to all industries and cyber is no exception.


Women Are A Defence Strategy

The cyber industry strives to protect individuals, organisation, and nations against cyber threats, therefore diversifying the workforce can result in a better understanding of the risk and more creativity in problem solving ensuing more comprehensive and effective security measures. This should be a wakeup call for anyone who cares about reducing cyber threats and resilience, for women are an integral defence strategy.


Future Proofing The Cyber Industry

When young girls see successful women working in cybersecurity, they are more likely to consider it as a viable career path for themselves, in the same way as they traditionally want to be teachers, nurses, or hairdressers. This can contribute to addressing the skill shortage and future proofing the cyber industry.


Change is needed or we will be lost

Barbie says many times in the movie, she doesn’t want anything to change, as like many people she is uncomfortable when things are different, but people and businesses and industries need to adapt with the ever-evolving world or we left behind, and the same is true for the Cybersecurity industry. In essence, just as Barbie has evolved to reflect the changing times and aspirations of young girls, so too should the cybersecurity industry.


They Value Everyone Brings Can Lead To Extraordinary Things

Much like Barbie’s endless possibilities, the cyber world offers boundless opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds to make a meaningful impact in safeguarding our digital future. Barbie serves as a reminder ‘you don’t need to be extraordinary to be valuable’ but you can bring value, that can lead to extraordinary things. So let’s, embrace diversity, break stereotypes and recruit, and retain, women, to build a robust and diverse cybersecurity workforce.


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