Cyber Security Awareness Training

Influence Cyber Security Behaviours and Lower Risk by Strengthening your Human Firewall

Cyber Security threats have become more sophisticated, businesses must recognise the need to equip employees proactively against constantly evolving social engineering attacks. 

Our Cyber Security Awareness Training will create an alert engaged Human Firewall, which is essential and is more than a compliance need. Technology by itself is not enough.

   REIM Training Solutions is a leading provider of Cyber Security Awareness Training. Closing the human performance gap — embedding new behaviours and shared understanding as part of the culture. We offer engaging Cyber Security Awareness Training, tailored to different roles and emerging risks. Our ZERO TRUST / ZERO BLAME training programmes should be seen as a learning journey, with all employees having a role to play in embracing, adopting and constantly challenging the model for an enhanced security posture and culture. 

Our awareness training programme is three tiered and designed to achieve a strong sustainable cyber resilient workforce for your business!

Programme 1

Senior Management

Programme 2

All Employees
Role Based

Programme 3

Cyber Security
Awareness Training

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