DORA - The Digital Operational Resilience Act

Are you a business or organisation in the financial sector? Do you know about DORA?

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) has introduced a monumental change in how the Financial Services Sector must approach ICT Risks. One of the most important Pillars of this regulatory framework is the mandatory Training Requirements that are outlined in various articles of the Act.


  1. DORA mandates for compulsory ICT security awareness programmes and resilience training for board members, senior management and every employee, who are all required to regularly update their knowledge and skills regarding ICT risk.


  1. In accordance with DORA following incidents, financial entities should develop awareness programmes and training that is tailored to the risk profile.


  1. The Act extends training requirements to ICT third-party service providers, ensuring they too participate in the organisations ICT security awareness and resilience training.

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