Digital Wellbeing for Post Primary Students

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Digital Wellbeing for Post Primary Students

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Finding the right balance between the benefits and drawbacks from increased connectivity.


This topic is designed to give students to consciously consider their online wellbeing and to give them the skills to achieve positive online experiences and build digital resilience.  Through a combination of class discussion and learning activities, students will explore the concepts of respectful communication, excessive screen-time, negative online influences and digital detox.


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Upon completion of this workshop students will:

  • Understand the concept of Digital Well-Being
  • Recognise the signs of poor Digital Well-Being
  • Know how to practice Respectful Communication
  • Know how to manage Screen Time and Digital Distractions
  • Be conscious of the impact of online material on their mental health
  • Know how to critically assess content such as advertisements presented to them online
  • Discover a range of tools to protect their online wellbeing
  • Know where to find further resources to enhance their online wellbeing

How is this workshop delivered?

We recommend a maximum of 60 students for each workshop to ensure that each student gains the maximum benefit from the workshop. This topic (Digital Wellbeing) will take a minimum of 35 minutes. It is delivered as part of a 1.5-hour workshop that comprises two topics out of the list below. The workshops are facilitated through presentation and activities to ensure that the students remain engaged throughout.

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