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Developing the Art of Healthy Gaming


The link between Gaming and Gambling continues to be highlighted by gambling addiction expert bodies with Gambling-like Gaming features such as simulated casinos or loot boxes are highly visible, accessible and promoted to young audiences across a range of digital media channels and games. This workshop explores  both the positive and negative aspects of Gaming and demonstrates how to practise conscious gaming.


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Upon completion of this workshop students will:

  • Know the benefits that can ensue from Gaming
  • Know the dangers of excessive Gaming
  • Know how to stay safe while Gaming
  • Recognise the ‘gambling-like’ features in games
  • Be able to recognise symptoms of addiction to Gaming
  • Know what to do if they think they are experiencing addiction

How is this workshop delivered?

We recommend a maximum of 60 students for each workshop to ensure that each student gains the maximum benefit from the workshop. This topic (Gaming) will take a minimum of 45 minutes. It is delivered as part of a workshop package whereby schools book a minimum of 3 x 90 minute workshops (across the same year group or several year groups).   Schools must choose a minimum of two workshop topics from the list below:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Nude Image Sharing
  • Digital Literacy
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Gaming
  • Pornography
  • Online Predators

The workshops are facilitated through presentations and interactive exercises to ensure that the students remain engaged throughout. Content is modified to be meet the age requirements of varying year groups.

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