IPad Teacher Training Course

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IPad Teacher Training Course

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Do you need help incorporating iPads into your School’s Digital Learning plan?

We will work with your school to help develop a plan tailored specifically to your teacher’s training needs allowing you to fully utilise the iPads at your disposal.

Working closely with you we will deliver high quality, cost effective training for your teachers, enabling them to fully integrate iPads across the curriculum and maximise their potential as a teaching and learning device.

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Programme Benefits

Upon completion of this training, learners will have a solid understanding of how Ipads can be used to enhance the students learning experience in the classroom


Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for schools that want to upskill their staff in how to use Ipads to their full potential in the classroom.

Each schools training is customised to their own learning needs following an initial conversation to identify:

  • How do you want to proceed?
  • Where does the integration of iPads fit within your School’s Digital Learning plan?
  • How well do the teachers know the technology?
  • What route do you want the training to take?

From this initial conversation will help your school develop a training plan based on your  needs and how you want to proceed with integrating iPads into the curriculum.

We will provide high quality, cost effective iPad training for teachers to help them grow in confidence.by learning the iPad’s capability as a teaching and learning device through the many educational apps


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