PCPP1 Certified Professional in Python Programming

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PCPP1 Certified Professional in Python Programming

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This course provides participants with the opportunity to dive into the more advanced programming in the Python language and related technologies as well as advanced notions and techniques used in object-oriented programming.


Duration: 4 Days

Time: 9.00am-4.00pm

Cost: €1999


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Programme Benefits

The Certified Professional in Python Programming Certification (PCPP1) is a professional credential that indicates that the recipient is proficient in more advanced aspects of computer programming and the Python language.    Becoming PCPP1 certified ensures that the individual is fully acquainted with all the essential, intermediate, and advanced means provided by Python and related technologies to enable them to advance their career as a professional Python developer and continue studies at the advanced level.

Who Should Attend

This PCPP1 course is the ideal next-step for learners who have completed their PCAP and are motivated to continue building their knowledge and qualifications in Python.  Typical learner groups include individuals looking to boost their skills and knowledge for a junior-level and middle-level role as a software developer, network programmer, data analyst, or tester.

Learning Objectives

This advanced Python programming course covers advanced perspective of classes and features of object-oriented programming and includes graphical user interface programming, as well as working with selected library modules and processing different kinds of files. Participants will learn the programme environment, and utilise tools and resources for the purposes of carrying out math, science, and engineering-related tasks.

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the advanced use of classes and OOP features
  • Accomplish coding tasks related to advanced programming in the Python language and related technologies,
  • Build a GUI application using the most essential tools and conventions
  • Understand the basic concepts of network programming and what data formats are used in client-server communication
  • Be able to use sockets and HTTP methods, and be able to create a simple REST client
  • Know how to use some of the most important Python Standard Library modules for file processing and interacting with a program’s environment.


Learners should ideally have completed their PCAP certification and should have some experience in Python programming.

Course Outline

  • Object-Oriented Programming in Python
  • Python Enhancement Proposals
  • GUI Programming
  • The Elements of Network Programming
  • File Processing


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