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Our “Publish Your Own Journals” course is designed to teach students how to create, publish, and distribute their own journals,  in printed formats. This course can be valuable for aspiring journal creators, writers, entrepreneurs, or anyone interested in self-publishing. By the end of the course you will be able to self publish your own Journal on Amazon. You’ll create a journal upload onto Amazon KDP

Programme Outline:

LESSON 1:  What are journals?

  • Types of journal
  • Simple formats for journals

LESSON 2: The structure of your journal

  • Front matter, back matter and body of your journal
  • Choosing your style of journal
  • Save your basic book

LESSON 3: Sourcing commercial use images

  • Learn the basics of copyright and images
  • Identify at least three sources for licensed images that you can use

LESSON 4: Create three different types of journal

  • Create three different styles of journal:
  • Page a day journal using simple prompts
  • Two page a day using typography or images
  • Eight pages a week

Using these three styles create Reflective Journals, Affirmation Journals and Gratitude Journals.

LESSON 5: Save your book insert

  • Check your file settings for images
  • Learn how to correctly save your MS Word document, so that it it print ready

LESSON 6: Book Covers

  • Use a basic template to create your book cover
  • Edit the:
  • Front cover
  • Back cover
  • Spine
  • Download a print-ready copy of your cover

LESSON 7: Upload your book

  • Login to KDP and start a new book
  • Add the books details
  • Upload your book insert and cover
  • Set your pricing
  • Publish your notebook

Who Should Attend:

Anyone with an interest in self publishing their own journal.  Just for fun, to compliment their business, or to create a new income.

For self-starters or people who need the tools and training to get started with self-publishing


Basic computer skills and awareness of Microsoft Word





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