Critical Media Consumption

Is Fake News real?

In short - yes!!  

Fake News is not a new phenomenon, it has existed in various forms for a long time.  However with the rise of the internet, fake news can now spread rapidly and reach more people than ever before.

With our young people being major consumers of the internet, they are vulnerable to being manipulated by inaccurate, untrue or even dangerous information.  This workshop aims to give participants the skills needed to identify fake news, to look further than a headline or tweet, and to employ critical thinking to dig deeper into the information which may be widely published and spread on the internet.

The workshop will be an interactive session where participants will discuss why we get taken in by fake news, the reasons fake news is produced, the potential consequences and they will attempt to identify fake news in the real world.  By the end of the session the particpants will be better equipped to consume media in a more analytical and responsible manner.

This workshop can be tailored to various audiences.

-Secondary school students in groups of   30 - 40 

-Whole school/organisation staff

-Parents & guardians