Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your workshops?

The cost of our workshops vary depending on the type of training, number of particpants and how many we carry out in your organisation, so please call us for a quote.

Do you just work with schools?

Not at all, we have worked with primary and post primary schools, community groups, sporting organisations and businesses.  So if you have a group of adults or children that you think would benefit from one of our workshops, please get in touch.

Have you got the relevent cleaance to work with children?

All of our trainers have been checked through the Acceess NI system in Northern Ireland and Garda Vetting in Republic of Ireland.  We are happy to undertake further checks if your organisation requires it.

Have you worked in my area before?

We have worked in several hundred schools, community organisations, government departments and businesses right across Ireland on both sides of the border, so if you would like to get a reference please contact us for further information.

How are the workshops conducted?

We use a combination of presentation, practical activities, demonstration and video clips for our workhsops.  Our student workshops are interactive with lots of opportunity for discussion and debate to keep them engaged!