Technology Enhanced Learning for teachers

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is not a new concept, but our understanding of it changes continuously.  With the rapid and continuous advancement in the technology and applications available to schools, it can be difficult for teachers to keep up with the latest trends.  Many educators are nervous of having to learn new and complicated technology, and resist suggested changes to how they teach their class.  

This programme  will enable teachers to introduce theur students to technology that is being used in the real world, while also giving them the opportunity to develop 'soft' skills such as collaboration and team-working, effective communication skills, analytical thinking  and creativity - some of the most sought after attributes in todays workforce.

The programme will give teachers the cofidence and space to develop new ways of teaching their subjects in order to createthe  best learning  environment for their students.

THe programme is delivered on site at your school for up to 12 teachers by highly experience tutors with first hand knowledge of using TEL in the classroom.  We welcome schools coming together in a host school to participate in the programme.

Programme Content

The programme can be tailored to your staff requirements. The final module, Pedagogy & Practical Application, is compulsory, and a minimum of three of the remaining options should be chosen from the list below.

Virtual Classrooms

Discover the many benefits of Virtual Classrooms and the Virtual Learning Environment, including the concept of the flipped classroom. Explore a virtual learning environment such as Moodle or Google classrooms and learn how to set up and manage course content.

Collaboration in the Classroom

Explore how technology in the classroom can increase collaboration and teamwork by students. Apps including Padlet, Keynote, Google forms, Mentimeter and screen casting tools like Apple TV & Google Chromecast will be demonstrated to show how students can become an active part of their own learning experience through their devices.

Social Media for TEL


   Harness the power of social media to engage with students, carry out research, encourage collaboration and engage with the wider community. Explore how use of social media in the classroom can be an opportunity to promote positive digital citizenship and awareness of the potential pit-falls of having an on-line presence. 

Film-making for Teachers


 Provide your students with an exciting way to work collaboratively, gain skills and experience of film making technology and techniques including basic green screen methods and editing software. Use iPads to create a short film, and discover ways in which this technology can be incorporated into the classroom effectively. 

Virtual & Augmented Reality


 Experience the exciting world of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality and the many tools and apps that can be used for educational purposes, from biographies and book reviews to virtual tours and health & safety applications.  

Intro to Coding


 Explore how the introduction of basic coding programmes such as Scratch, Hopscotch or Swift Playgrounds can develop core skills including planning, logical thinking & collaboration. Encourage creativity, and use coding to further embed learning right across the curriculum 

Robot Coding


Discover the world of robots, and let your students see coding in action. Using Sphero robots and tablets, participants will code the robots to carry out specific tasks, and the progression from block based coding to text based will be demonstrated. 

Pedagogy & Pratical Application


This final module is compulsory &  gives participants the opportunity to consider how they can apply what they have learned back in their classroom. The pedagogy wheel is introduced to participants, giving them further resources and ideas. The participants will address the practical obstacles they may face in introducing TEL to the classroom.


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