Jennifer Stack

Meet the Mentor

Jennifer Stack ICT Tutor and Python Princess!

Teaching and Mentoring third level students and corporate learners in ICT and Information Systems since 2009


Hi Jennifer!  Tell us about your current projects?

I am currently teaching a Software Developer Apprenticeship course at Dublin ETB.  I have a very engaged group of learners who keep are keeping me on my toes.  I teach coding using C and C+, Website design and creation using HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. I also teach Software Design and Project Management.


What did you do before becoming an ICT Tutor?

Prior to my tutoring roll which began in 2011, I worked as an IT Project Manager in Local government implementing the integration of new software systems. 


Tell us what you enjoy teaching most?

I am passionate about the power of Python programming and Data Analytics.  I teach ICT professionals Python coding and guide them to sit the PCEP and PCAP via the Python Institute. It’s very rewarding work for both them and me, especially when you see their professional progression.   


Do you also teach in the corporate space?

Yes! I specialise in continuous professional development for corporate learners, delivering courses in Data Engineering, GIS, Data Science and Data Analytics using Python, SQL, Apache Kafka, Power BI, Azure, PySpark, Apache Spark, Big Query and more!

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