Power Up from Excel to Power BI

Do you want to increase your Earning Power? 

Do you have solid Excel foundation skills? 

Why not transition to Power BI?


REIM Training Solutions help business owners to identify their training needs, so we can provide a solution, that will empower and retain their workforce.

Isn’t Excel Amaazzing! 

As an Excel user myself and lover of all thing’s spreadsheets, I am very much in my comfort zone, moving across my workbooks and relying on Excel to help keep my data organised.  I get excited by the capabilities of nested functions, and I consider a well-constructed pivot table a work of art.  Building workbooks, importing data transforming it into useful visualisations, I didn’t really want to leave the familiarity and comfort of a tool that I’ve used for so long and know so well.

Is managing Data from different sources complicated?

I am sympathetic to the Excel Pro User’s stance of resisting new tools.  However, whilst recently developing a training solution with one of our key clients,  we identified that they needed to make the move from Excel to Power BI, to digitally transform how they managed their data.  Managing data from different sources is complicated in Excel and something that very few people do.  But in Power BI, it’s easy to manage different data sources and large data sets, or data that changes quickly.  Digital transformation was a priority, ability to extract information from data efficiently and share it easily could be transformative to the productivity of the organisation.

Why not just use Excel?

Power BI is built on the premise that organisations have a lot of data and that it exists in different systems and formats, and together this capability makes Power BI superior to Excel when it comes to data sources.  While having a similar interface to Excel, Power BI supercharges the ability of Excel to empower non-coding professionals in the data-driven age.  If you share data and analytics with your organisation, then Power BI is the best option.

There will be a learning curve for our client and their employees, because there are some significant differences between DAX and Excel functions.  Their Employees will need training to upskill them with how the functions operate differently in Power BI, but many of the function names, and overall purpose, are identical.  This will ensure that their employees gain the right skills through training and significantly reduce the time required to get up and running in Power BI.

At REIM, we help people Skill Up for Today and Tomorrow.  If your company uses Excel to create insights and reports, contact The REIM Team today, to explore how your data can be managed and made more efficient by Powering Up to  Power BI.

Harness the power of Power BI to turn business data into actionable insights.  Power BI helps your organisation unlock the business potential hidden within your data, bringing your data to life with live dashboards and interactive reports.

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Sandra Richardson

Director of Training, REIM Training Solutions

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