Virtual Reality Training

REIM brings the World to the Classroom

REIM Training Solutions launches VR Education workshops in primary and post primary schools throughout Ireland.


Reim Training Solutions has been a leading training provider in schools for over a decade delivering workshops on internet safety, digital wellbeing, coding and more to pupils, parents, and professionals.


This week marked the launch of Virtual Reality (VR) workshops in Schools throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland. VR provides an opportunity to supercharge learning through experience, in contrast to the traditional methods of reading and writing. The ability to see and experience extraordinary locations, history and world events in action serves to supercharge children’s engagement levels and enhance cognitive retention.


Schools Education Lead and Head Trainer for REIM Trainig Solutions, Edele McGeown, says, “The immersive experience that VR provides is unparalleled in teaching. Students are transported out of the classroom and their imagination is allowed to flourish. It’s much easier to learn something through experiencing it and our workshops afford pupils the opportunity of these experience without leaving the classroom.” 


Whether its meeting animals in their habitats, exploring the Himalayas or taking a trip through the human body, students retention of information is greater because the brain believes a VR simulation is a real-life situation, and the emotional reactions that are triggered heighten the user’s capacity for learning.


Eimear Murphy, Managing Director of REIM Training solutions added,

“We are excited to bring our VR experience to classrooms throughout Ireland. These experiences will enhance students learning on topics they are covering as part of the school curriculum. Our VR workshops provide students with a type of travel experiences that may otherwise not be possible or practical.”


REIM Training Solutions runs VR workshops over the course of the school day. Each school can pick from a wide range of topics all linking to the curriculum. From a virtual field trip to a national park, a historical landscape, Outer Space, Antarctica, Ancient Egypt and the Maldives or straight to the Moon!  Click here to find out more.

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