Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing

Encouraging balance, resilience and commitment to promoting positive mental health for all of us who are spending time online!


Our Digital Wellbeing Workshops are a place where bad digital habits can be explored and where solutions can be found to improve productivity and connectiveness and balance and to understand the impact our digital life can have on our physical and mental health.

Primary School

Screen Time Project,
Suitable for Age 9+

Post Primary School

Deliberately Digital Workshop
Finding a balance!

Digital Wellbeing

For Teachers,
Health & Social Care
& Law Enforcement

Most of us spend a significant amount of our lives connected in some way to the internet, through social media, work or school communication, gaming, news and information sites or chatrooms and forums.  Both adults and young people are exposed to huge amounts of information and stimulation by various means. 

REIM’s suite of digital awareness workshops educate young people, their parents and the professionals who work with them on how to find a balance between their real and digital lives. 

What Our Clients Say

REIM Training Solutions ran a 6 week digital ScreenTime Project in our school with a select number of students. The children explored the pros and the cons of their digital lives and in particular their gaming habits and how this was impacting them in real life. I can really say that the children benefited enormously from the programme and we have seen a marked improvement in their behaviour in school.
REIM Training Solutions held a digital wellbeing course for our staff in October last year. The programme was very well received as we were all just coming out of a period of working from home and many of us felt that we needed some help and support to eliminate bad digital habits and improve productivity. The course trainer, Eleanor was excellent and very informative!
R. Flanagan
(HR Manager)
We had a workshop and talked about our online habits and how it affects us in real life. It was really good and it has helped me to see how I need to balance my time online with real life activities.
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