Our fun and educational coding workshops align with the primary school curriculum requirements of Explore, Express, Exchange, Evaluate and Exhibit.

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Help your class develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills with one of our fantastic Coding Programmes. 

Coding is part of a full STEM education and educating students in STEM subjects is crucial to ensure technical literacy and relevance in today’s world. 

Coding is already part of everything we do from computer games to car technology – it is all around us! By teaching coding to your students, you are giving them a skill for life and a great start to understanding the world around them!

What Our Clients Say

Fantastic course. Very informative and very simple & easy to follow steps from Carl.
A. Windrum
I made a computer game where a cat caught a mouse, it was really fun!
"It was very cool. We learned how apps are made and I enjoyed it"
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