Together with Fifty Shades Greener, a leading global authority in sustainability we have launched an innovative, fun, interactive sustainability programme for Post Primary Schools entitled ‘Building a Greener Future’.
Our collective mission is to upskill students and teachers to provoke societal change for sustainable development.

Who is it for?

The programme is for teachers who want to deliver sustainability awareness education in their classrooms.

We have created a hybrid model of education giving teachers access to the entire programme content and resources online, while supported by our team of experts.

What will I learn?

The programme supports learners and teachers to develop knowledge, skills, values and motivation for climate action.  It empowers them to become life long participants in social change towards a sustainable and just world for all. 

The programme offers practical examples of how one can achieve a lower carbon footprint lifestyle and how very similar methods can then be applied to their schools or future workplace.

Programme lessons:

  1. Climate Change & Sustainability
  2. Crafting a Sustainable World of Water
  3. Navigating the World of Waste
  4. Energy – Power to Change the World
  5. Biodiversity on the Brink
  6. Exploring the Ocean in a Changing Climate
  7. A Better Future for All

How long is each lesson?

Building a Greener Future contains 7 lessons timed between 40-60 minutes.  It is up to the teacher how long each lessons takes to deliver.

How will I learn?

  • Teachers will receive access to the programme through our online platform.
  • Each lesson starts with  video content  to play to students during class, there is a bank of activities for each lesson, a lesson plan and further resources.
  • Teachers can choose what activities to complete for each lesson based on the time that they have available.  Longer lesson sessions will allow more activities to be incorporated. 
  • Teachers will be supported by our expert team if any questions or barriers arise.

Programme benefits:

  • Aligns with sustainability curriculum
  • Teachers without previous sustainability experience can deploy the programme
  • Work towards reducing environmental impact
  • Reduce climate anxiety for our students
  • Learning outcomes align with Sustainable development goals.
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